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2013 Recap from Marcella Rose Prairie Lake Studio:

Design & Living Magazine Article
Display for Pioneer TV PBS Postcards Segment airing December 2013

Connecting Art & Fashion

Bringing it home. Great News! The recently published March/April issue of Fargo-based Design & Living Magazine carries a feature article on me and my work, titled "Marcella Rose: Connecting Art & Fashion." For some time, I have intended - yet struggled - to properly express the connection among my diverse mediums. This article's author, Amanda, did a fine job of bringing that home. Click HERE to view the online version of this four-page article and accompanying images. Enjoy!

Also,I was one of several western Minnesota artists featured in a recent PBS Prairie Public Television presentation titled Prairie Mosaic.If you are interested in viewing the 30-minute program, click HERE . I am honored to be included with these talented artists.

Occasionally,I am called back into the womb of time, to draw out who I truly am. This explains my deep connection to nature in all its surging of life. In a spiritual sense, perhaps we all are seeking that which is already who we are. That is the awakening. My art has always been a means to understanding myself, creating my own reality and being an inspiration to others.

This past week, as a birthday gift to myself, I took the time to pause and really listen again to my inner voice. The voice of silence. Intensely feel my heart beat, blood pressure, emotion and vibrating cells. The onset of 2013 brings many of us into a new vibration, a world in which we often feel overwhelmed, rushed and hyper-stimulated by waves of man made energy. Unlike this ever-growing vibration spinning out of control, nature's waves are calming and soothing to our senses.

My latest artistic expressions are manifesting as Spirit of Nature. Within this group, I am free to paint or sculpt an endless source of subject, all of which portrays nature's messages, senses, emotion and beauty. Inspired by the bison, a tribute to America's native symbol of abundance, patience and gratitude, we are reminded of the urgency to change our collective and destructive thoughts, words and deeds if we want to preserve our world.

I was inspired to expand my territory, as we "wild ones" often do, offering the very same images in a variety of earth-friendly ways. I want to offer these reminders to those who love my work, and would like to surround themselves with beautiful art at an affordable means.

Hence...Fashion. Why not wear your beloved art with you every day, as a tribute to your own expression? You've perhaps seen my one-of-a-kind leather handbags or journal/notebook covers. Each is hand-stitched, with one of my paintings transferred onto the leather, and individually designed and branded. These were conceived to be worn everywhere to remind not only the wearer, but others, of the messages of nature.

Who doesn't need a little reminder? My first sterling pendant of the series, titled Call of the Wild, is a bison symbolizing this affirmation. It was born out of the fluidity of wax, the alchemy of earth and fire elements, then transformed into hand-finished cast jewelry. Giclee reproductions and limited edition prints are also available.


Baby, it's getting cold outside!

The fireplace is ablaze and it feels like time to nest. This summer brought many LIVE presentations, demos, shows, commissions, and activity. Now, home in my studio, I am visualizing WARM thoughts with natural elements of hibernation, wrapping myself up with bison, and leather, leather, and more leather.

First up is Charger. 3'x7' Oil on leather hide, displayed on custom-designed, hand-wrought iron, embellished with artifacts such as bone, teeth, gemstones, beads, feathers and arrowheadssoon to be assembled. Painting on this surface has opened an entirely new dimension for me, as I am now in the beginning stage of, yes, sculpting leather.

Just out of the gate, and into Boerth's Gallery in Fargo, is Promise of Abundance, 36"x42" oil on heavy-duty stretched canvas. 24"x28" Giclee's are available, as well as a variety of other gift items.

Most recently, I have been invited to be guest artist at The Blank Canvas Gallery in Park Rapids, Minn. A reception was held last Sunday, with very good attendance. I am honored and blessed to be a part of this talented group of artists. Arabian Prince was completed just in time to display center stage.

I am excited to share with you my latest passion: designer merchandise such as handmade handbags, and journal, kindle & iPad covers. Each designfeatures one of my original paintings, melded with my fabric designs and transferred onto a variety of luscious leathers, embellished with gemstones, signature straps – and, one might say – elegant yet eclectic style. Each one-of-a-kind work of art is born on the table with no preconceived plan or pattern. Only blood, sweat and tears. Tears of joy.

A Wonderful Day at the Lakes

What began as a cloudy, misty morning at the lakes in mid-August soon became an unimaginable highlight of sunshine and gratitude.

Enter: The Artist's Hub, Pelican Rapids, a place where artists come to create, share, inspire and learn in a variety of mediums. On a recent Wednesday morning, at precisely 10:00, filming began. I was one of four local artists participating in an interview to be aired as a group presentation introducing the opening of this amazing venue here in Pelican Rapids. It will be aired this fall on the Red River Valley PBS affiliate. Who could actually see the rain, when anticipation such as this begins your day?

It gets better, as appreciation and admiration filled my soul. I had planned to paint a Blue Heron for the filming. To my wonderment, an hour into the effortless process, the Great Heron SOLD before my signature graced the canvas. Wow! That was the fastest sale I have ever experienced. Bring it on, I am in my element!

Next: A quick stop home to regroup for a LIVE demo at the women's gathering at Forest Edge Gallery to begin at 3:00. Upon stopping to check the mail, I was gifted with an affirmation of abundance when there were two checks from surrounding galleries awaiting me from last month’s sales. Yes!

Smiling from ear to ear, I set off to paint the afternoon away at Forest Edge Gallery. I nestled beneath a canopy amongst luscious and prolific perennials, a gracefully covered patio, a peaceful waterfall, pond and grazing pastures, gentle and uplifting entertainers. The sun replaced the clouds, and an enthusiastic contingent of women arrived. To my surprise, no sooner had the sketch intended for the demo been placed upon the easel when it SOLD ‘as is,’ without a further dab of paint.

Now for the cherry on the top: This astonishing collector, who absolutely knew what she loved and wanted, informed me she had been admiring my large "Majestic Legacy" painting for several visits to the gallery. Upon visiting with me, she decided it was the day to purchase it and have it shipped to Florida. Another first on my resume. Were the stars aligned or what? Thank you!

Cruise forward: A 40-minute trip to my studio and back to gather another canvas, as my LIVE demo would be rather boring without anything to paint. (You can be sure I will pack more canvas for the next event. I know I paint fast, but this is quantum speed.)

This definitely was one of the most amazing and prolific days of my career as a fine artist.

In finale: We all know how important it is to live abundantly in one's dream. Yet the very nature of living that passion is uncertain, turbulent and downright scary — as well as exuberant, outrageous, and extremely fulfilling. It is so important to celebrate the goodness that comes our way . . . the goodness that we create . . . the goodness we tune into. I am grateful and honored to live true and full and to share my victories, that I hopefully may be of inspiration to you.

Indescribable grace. Simplicity. Solitude. Serenity. I have always believed that wildlife is instinctively smarter than Homo sapiens.

I am blessed to come into your territory, How honored I am to sit at the end of my dock – in your living room, one might say – painting you, sharing your environment of sparkling water, crisp air, luscious fauna, and mostly, intriguing and imperative wildlife. Waterfowl, yes. Loon, Pelican, Egret, you do nothing that is not perfect and beautiful. I am learning from you how to soar without wings, how to be patient that the next painting is always within the beating of my own heart. “Thank you.” – My gratitude and praise to the waterfowl on our little Prairie Lake, just one of a thousand lakes in Otter Tail County. I will always be drawn to nature for inspiration, always passionately alive and evolving. Nature reflects us all, so yes, I am painting you, too.

This summer I am painting the beginning of a series of waterfowl – titled, appropriately, “Gift from the Lakes.” Shown here are my first 8 images of the Loon and Pelican. Today, I am adding Herons, Egrets, Trumpeter Swans, Wood Ducks and more. The essence I receive from these birds is endless. Each painting is named for the special message I have received, such as Blessings, Solitude, Sustenance and Promise of Glory.There's also Resilience, Ride the Current, Spirit of Cooperation and Seize the Moment.

The original oil paintings are 12-inch-square canvases. They are represented by Forest Edge Gallery near Vergas, Minn., where this week I basked for an afternoon, painting LIVE at their amazing Women's Day Out, a perfect day in every way. I am so inspired by the lakes this summer that I'm also offering this series onto handmade tumbled marble coasters, tile wall plaques, giclee's, note cards, and soft chamois pillow covers, handbags, and whatever else I can dive into. These are coming soon to local gift stores and galleries.

Last night (Thursday, July 12) I was LIVE at the Cork & Canvas event in Fargo at Boerth's Gallery on Broadway, representing my larger works such as El Grande, Moondance, Unbridled Spirit. I painted a new white Arabian while visitors looked on. Such fun!

In August I will be participating in a PBS interview and filming, and doing more LIVE events in the lakes area. I'll also be at the Broadway Jewelry & Visual Arts Gallery in Rochester, Minn., on the 26th. It's a busy and exciting summer, and I'm lovin' it!

“If music be the food of love, play on.”
~William Shakespeare

...and play on, I do. What began with my portrait work of Laura and AnneMarie in December has bloomed into a symphony, a rock-and-roll icon this spring, and a tribal belly dancer this month – literally. In my last newsletter, I mentioned I was working on exciting projects. I have been living and breathing, listening to and dancing with my paint, and portraits are my thing right now. I was graciously commissioned to participate in the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Conductor Search this season by painting oil portraits for the program cover art. The portraits of five conductors will, as well, grace the walls at each F-M Symphony concert this season.

If painting five portraits all in the same setting isn't food of love enough, I was accepted into the Midwestern Invitational Exhibition at the Rourke Museum/Gallery in Moorhead, MN, for June through September. This year's theme of “American Song Book” immediately prompted me to undertake a portrait of legendary Bobby Vee, who was born and raised in Fargo. What's not to love? As soon as I decided to paint his portrait, Iwrote Bobby and informed him of my intent. The answer I received was more generous than I had ever imagined. Bobby Vee autographed my painting of him, which just seals the endorsement of it. How cool is that! The original oil painting of Bobby, 36" x 42" in size, is now at the museum.

This week, I am introducing “Divine Fusion.” I painted this very sensual belly dancer in our gazebo by the lake theother day, the first one this season outdoors. (It was hot enough in May to actually take an occasional break and go swimming. I love my job!) My artistic interpretation of Nicole's “Tribal Fusion” image is oil on canvas, 24" x 42" in size.

Here are some upcoming important dates:

June 6: Marcella Rose LIVE at Wine and Beer on the Red in Fargo, a fundraiser for the F-M Symphony. I will be painting an image for the raffle.

June 14: F-M Cork & Canvas Art Event. I will be showing my work at the Fargo Hairscape Gallery. Work will be displayed during the month of June.

June 18-Sept. 9: The 53rd Midwestern Invitational Exhibition - The American Songbook - at the Rourke Museum/Gallery in Moorhead. There'll be champagne and strawberries at the opening reception on June 18. My oil painting of Bobby Vee is on exhibit.

June 23 & 24: This is the grand opening weekend for Jewelry & Visual Art Gallery in Rochester, Minn., just across from the Mayo Clinic campus. The gallery officially opened on May Day, and I have several works there.

Charisma Wrapped in Fur

As I gaze into my little furry one's trusting eyes, our souls meet and my heart flames. The world stops revolving - I melt, feeling peace and compassion.

Charm. Devotion. Grace. Strength of Character. This describes the natureof our furry family members who become our teachers, healers and friends, always there for us, unconditionally. Our beloved pet is one ofthe greatest gifts from our Creator, sent to us to fill our days with joy, companionship and wisdom. How great a tribute to preserve their likeness forever in our presence, with a portrait, revealing their innermost essence? I never really gave much thought to painting my pets, as I was caught up in other “work” until my little dog Anggey leftus. These precious daily remembrances touch our hearts and feed our very soul. It is never too late to rekindle a beloved memory.

This month, while painting portraits, horses and other works, I was spontaneously inspired to paint a friend's puppy, simply for fun. Funny,but I sensed that my cat wasn't especially fond of me focusing on a newface, when he leaped onto the board without preparing me. Normally, he lies close to me every moment, day and night, as if to let me know he isprotecting me. We trust each other and pretty much respect each other'sspace. But, we all know who is in charge. He is tenacious about lettingme know what he wants. He keeps me company, purrs me into a meditation,reminds me to take breaks, teaches me how to relax, and he makes me smile. However, this time I wasn't smiling as red paint touched upon everything in close range, not to mention his lovely pristine white feet. I got the message.

Here is White Kitty's favorite relaxed pose in the sun-drenched living room, titled “Charisma Wrapped in Fur,” unafraid to show the world his vulnerable side. Size 18" x 24" Oil on Linen. Luckily, I also present to you the miraculously rescued, “Little King Charles,” 16" square oil on 1.5" gesso panel.

If you have a pet that wants its essence revealed in paint, I would like to hear from you. Commissions are always welcome.

Me & My Shadow

I just finished painting Me and My Shadow a 30 x 40 Oil and Resin on Panel, commissioned for AnneMarie Lewis as agift to her family and herself. My intention was to capture the emotional bond between her and Shadow, as well as show the beauty and wisdom AnneMarie possesses. The bond between her and Shadow is so insightful, and a painting that reflects it will be a poignant and enduring testament.

As the “Me and My Shadow” painting suggests, my focus of late has been on portraiture. January has proven a busy month for me, as February is proving to be as well. I recently was commissioned to produce a series of portraits, and will fill you in at a later date about this exciting venture.

Should you be considering the commissioning of a portrait of a family member, business colleague, a beloved pet – or even yourself – I'd welcome hearing from you. I offer a range of options, from a charcoal sketch to a refined oil painting.

Parallel Worlds

Parallel: Continuing a resemblance through many particulars. Worlds: All that exists; everything.

Bringing my Parallel Worlds installation to fruition entailed more than 6 months of physical work and a half century of emotional and spiritual growth. Now, in 2012, seems an appropriate time to introduce it to you -

Parallel Worlds is my symbolic interpretation of 13 feminine archetypes in each of us as a whole. The symbols are accompanied with prose that illuminates the archetype panels. Each panel is created with a mixed medium on hardwood. Turquoise, silver, onyx, moonstone and gold powder are embedded and richly painted in layers of matte relief encaustic wax,contrasted by high-gloss resin. The final installation as a unit is 82"x 48" x 4". You must see it in actuality, as photography cannot begin to convey the emotion, depth, texture or power it evokes.

I was inspired many years ago to depict symbolically the stages in our lives, as simply as I could. The “problem,” however, was that I first needed to experience these various stages. So that's why I refer to Parallel Worlds as a “life's work” - and one that is very much still in progress.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays

Whatever your tradition and faith, you are recognized, respected and honored. I wish every one of you a joyous, peaceful and light-filled season.

This week, as many of us celebrate the cherished tradition of Christmas,I am taking time out to enjoy spending time with my family. For me personally, Christmas is a celebration of the Christ Light inside of each and every heart. How bright can we shine? The light of Christmas permeates the darkness. The greater the love reflected of our hearts, the lighter the world.

We in western Minnesota have been blessed with the mildest December weather in decades, and I am embracing the outdoors while it continues. This has been inspiring for me as I watch and listen to thousands of Canadian and snow geese migrate overhead, with a near-deafening sound. What amazes me most is how the lake has frozen over into a glistening mirror, which appears on fire as the sun dances across. In fact, it doesn't even look frozen, except for the occasional fish house perched out there as if floating. The days consist of deep azure-blue skies, brilliant sunny-yellow reflections – and for the sunrises and sunsets, the most spectacular array imaginable. The Upper Midwest I recall from my childhood usually whitewashed shades of gray by this time of the season. But not this year! Breathing in the drama, I feel as if I am back in Santa Fe. Someone painted the world! I love it. Wouldn't it be great if we could all paint our worlds? Why not? I believe we can, as wechoose the colors in which we see. And, the energy of the colors fills our hearts with joy. Could it be that I have only lifted a veil and nothing has changed but my perception?

The past two weeks have been ablaze with the launch of the Fire Within™ website. The pendants are spreading out like wildfire, and great thingsare on the horizon with the line. Be sure to receive a positive daily affirmation on Twitter or Facebook. My genuine thanks to you for your generous support and interest.

As I promised in my last message to you, I'm sharing here the full-colorrendition of Laura's Portraiture. She is ready for framing, as you can see. I wanted to capture the very essence of this beautiful young woman.

Until next time, have a very pleasant holiday and keep in touch. I want to hear from you. How can you add light to your life and ultimately the world? Open the package and let your light shine every day. Happy Holidays!

Spread the Fire, Light Your World!

"Driven by a love of ethereal and organic nature, I draw inspiration from my belief in the healing power of an Inner Light within each of us. This has long been the impetus for my personal transformation and, as a result, my refinement as an artist. Learning through conscious contact with the Divine has given me the strength and fortitude to transform my life and reflect that to the world."

Anyone creating any form of art undoubtedly has been involved in the process of “eliminating the clutter.” I believe doing so is a necessary element of personal evolvement. My process of creating usually has beento gather all the information . . . sift it . . . sort it . . . and delete parts of it, retaining only the core essence that holds the DNA of genius. That sounds good, yet it is painstakingly time consuming and just plain hard work. Art is a gift from the heart – for the artist and for the world. We are all artists, because to be labeled an “artist” is not about creating a painting. No. An artist is someone who lives his orher life in graciousness, no matter what their particular gift to the world may be. Art is an expression of the passion within each of us, andit is manifested in as many ways as there are fingerprints. Yes, we areblessed to be in the company of masterpieces. But this does not define an artist, it reflects the artist. The door is open for each of us to access the Source of our essence directly, eliminating the need to sort through the clutter.

This year, I have been involved in producing a new universal icon representing this very concept. When I ask the Divine for guidance, I receive a response almost before my question has had time to be expressed. The messages I receive are always in the form of an image, anicon, visions and words – a signal directing me to learn and grow deeper, to become even clearer about my soul's purpose.

About a year ago, I was struggling with a personal challenge – as we alldo when we hold on to an old idea that isn't working for us – and I needed a miracle. My belief is that the miracle is within us, never outside us. I needed to cleanse myself of the limitation holding me back. A vision at around 4:00 a.m. on a cold January morning awakened mewith absolute clarity – one that didn't need any refinement because it was perfect just the way it came to me. It literally took me all of about 10 seconds to sketch, and I sculpted it the same day. That was thepure beauty of it. The process was so divinely orchestrated as I didn't, for a change, get in my own way. To me, that affirmed the absolute perfection of this design. And that's how Embrace the Fire Within™ was born.

This vision was of an icon of enduring affirmation, for me to wear next to my heart (as that was from whence it came), reminding me of the burning desire within my soul. It was something tangible that I could actually feel, touch, admire the beauty of, affirm commitment with, and to share with others. I needed a constant reminder to focus on in order to correct the issue at hand, to move through it. This was about me. My lesson. My work. But it was also about you and your own journey toward peace and joy.

Embrace The Fire Within™ is a movement, a process to help each of us access our own inner strength. This flame symbolizes our very essence, light, healing energy, heart and strength, balance, passion, intent, Spirit, life force and the uplifting power of regeneration. 

This sterling silver pendant is manufactured and hand-polished right here in the USA. It is meant to be a universal icon, representing the empowering capacity within each of us. It invites both vision and touch – a tactile, comforting affirmation.

In our role as fire-keepers, we plan to offer this and future products as physical reminders for all to adopt a positive, affirming lifestyle that strives for balance, joy, peace and good health. Watch the Fire Spread and feel its warmth!

I invite you to visit for more information. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well for daily affirmations and updates.

Expression of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! My art is forever evolving, as do the seasons. This, I call the state of grace. It is a lifestyle, not merely a holiday.

As I watch the snowball-size snowflakes pelt the ground today, Ifeel gratitude inside. Anyone who knows me well understands that I am not a “winter” person. This begins the season with its pristine, fresh,clean, bright, white... excuse me... six months of bitter cold Minnesota weather :) But I am grateful, because it is a privilege to work in a lovely warm studio where my dear cats are glued to my side. When I dare lift my eyes from the canvas, I gaze out the window overlooking a beautiful lake, or curl up by the fire for a retreat. We have winterized the yard, which included taking in the dock as well as our lovely gazebo, where I painted nearly all summer, taking respite daily in the cool, clear water.

This week, I am privileged to have a lovely live model to sketch, photograph and paint for a new portrait series of the feminine –an avenue I have been pondering for years. Early on in my career, I was trained to draw from life, seeing higher truths of what is actually in front of me. More important, however, was to feel the emotion emanating from the subject. I incorporate photographs as well, when under time constraints or when a model is not available for studio time.

Included here is a sketch – the beginning of this series. Watchfor the evolution as each painting manifests. It has been decades since I have worked professionally on portraits, as I sat in malls and at corporate shows, pumping out hundreds of portraits and caricatures. Somewhere along the line, I lost interest and transitioned into other themes. But today, I am excited to pursue with fervor this age-old profession – the expression of beauty, grace and passion of the flesh and blood of our humanity. I call this endeavor the “Poetry of the Feminine.”

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write to you today. Thanksgiving Day is filled with amazing food, great company, laughter and occasionally some tears. All sorts of events come and go each year, but it is my sincere wish is that the world can begin learning how to live in grace every moment, remembering all there is to be grateful for,lifting the energy of the planet in a positive vibration, replacing fear-based attitudes with love and acceptance.

I have so many things to be grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2011. What a concept! What a feeling of exuberance! I am very blessed to share life with my immediate family: my constant flame- my loving and honorable husband, my talented daughter, gracious parents, mysister and brother and their families, my stepchildren and fabulous grandchildren. Thank you, family – and thank you, friends – for enriching my life and filling it with abundant joy.

Passion is Contagious

I see it in the flicker of fire, ripples on the lake, leaves dancing in the wind, and the eyes of every sentient being – that thing called Muse. Spirit. Passion. Life. It is all the same to me.

Were I to describe my style of work, I'd say I enter a “liquid pool of consciousness” where the inner flame is wild and unbridled. Colors are music, and music is color. Everything is alive, richly and vividly dancing, interchanging and interdependent of each other.

OK, I am a light worker in multi-dimension. Does that describe me? I laugh and sing when I am painting. I sculpt so fast, I can hardly keep up with my hands as the feeling of the clay comes alive. The same is true when working with wax, designing small, intricate jewelry.

My chosen mediums are oils, wax, clays and resins. The tactile sensation invites me into the medium to play, explore and scream with anadrenalin-infused “Yes!” at the marvel of a stroke that “I” didn't planor execute on my own. I ask, “Who did that?”

What amazes me is that it's as natural to work in three or moredimensions as it is for me to breathe. I'm able to see a form in the “micro” as easily as in the “macro.”

When asked what medium I prefer, or what am I working on these days, my response is always the same: Whatever speaks to me in the moment.Transitioning from a career in design, illustration and product development into what I call “my world of the finer arts” has been a journey of simplifying: narrowing down and discovering what it really ignites my fire. This is where I am so drawn to natural yet spiritual form.

Currently, I am so drawn to horses. They are my teachers in many ways. To me, they reflect perfection, beauty, honesty, integrity, loyalty, freedom and grace. Whether I am painting or sculpting a horse,every sense is awake, alive with passion, a satisfaction purely euphoric as I feel the muscles, smell the breath and love the very essence of these animals magnificent.

This past week, I completed Radiant Splendor – a 22” x 28” oil and resin on hardwood panel. I added this to my stable of Monarch and Epona.

Who is Marcella Rose?

I've always known I wanted to be an artist – even before I was old enough to understand all that entailed. (Maybe it started with my childhood love of coloring books – always drawing outside the lines, of course!) Melding passion and beauty to create artistic gifts for others to enjoy has been my perennial mantra.

The Minnesota farm where I grew up inspired me on a daily basis. Ispent countless hours outdoors – in every season – observing and engaging the world in which I lived. Whether through the rich color of a summer sunset or the stark whiteness of a winter morning; through the inhaled aroma of fresh-turned spring earth or the soft fur of a kitten in autumn, I embraced the beauty around me. It all provided the foundation for a lifelong passion for beauty that endures and flourishes today.

Of course, “making a living” does not always square with that for which we have the most passion. Like many others, I spent years working for someone else – large corporations in some instances. But it was still art. I did everything from designing national award-winning billboards to developing home decor products for Hollywood movie studios. That career took me to Arizona, Missouri, Washington and New Mexico.

Through it all, though, I knew my heart, my true purpose, lay elsewhere. Now I am answering its call. I'm happily absorbed in producing fine art – mixed media painting, sculpting and designing jewelry. I've never been short on inspiration, but living with my husband on a beautiful lake back in my home state of Minnesota has refreshed my soul and replenished me.

My painting of late has encompassed both the natural and the abstract. The former includes several majestic horses, a powerful longhorn steer, a mighty bison – and a beautiful pelican, reflective of my current surroundings. In the abstract realm, I've completed “Parallel Worlds,” an empowering piece symbolizing the 13 feminine archetypes. I'm also very proud of “Transcending Duality,” a multi-dimensional piece that speaks to our oneness with the universe.

Recently, I've created a series titled “Madonnas: Reflections of a Divine Child.” (shown to the left) It's an interactive approach to art, with a mirror reflection of the viewer's own face, reminding and affirming that he/she, too, is a child of the Divine.

The creative fire within me is more powerful than ever, and I can't wait to see what's coming next!

Ortonville Independent 2010

A reception for nationally known Pelican Rapids area artist and sculptor Marcella Rose is scheduled for Friday, August 14, at the Muddy Moose Restaurant in downtown Pelican Rapids.  The event runs from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Visitors can meet the artist, view many of her works, and also register for door prizes.

The show features a number of Rose’s newest oil paintings, as well as sculptures, cast jewelry designs, prints and note cards.  “Revealing Nimuué,” Rose’s original oil painting of the “Minnesota Woman,” also will be on display, along with “Nimuué Essence,” the initial pendant in her new line of cast jewelry.  Nimuué prints, cards and t-shirts will be available as well, with a percentage of sales benefiting the Glacial Minnesota Woman Organization.

Rose, a native of Ortonville, Minn., lived and worked in Phoenix, Kansas City, Spokane and Santa Fe prior to returning to the Upper Midwest.  Following an award-winning career in commercial art, advertising and product design, she turned her focus to the creation of fine art — particularly oil paintings, sculpture and jewelry design.  Her work is featured in Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest galleries.